Will this be the best Christmas advert this year?

It looks as though Google have given John Lewis a run for their money this year with their Christmas advert. Google have taken one of the most iconic Christmas movies of all time and created a festive advert, showing just how resourceful a Google Home Device can be. The ad shows a very grown up, modern day Kevin from Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin returns after 28 years to the same house all to himself but this time with the Google Home Device as his partner in crime to assist him. The ad recreates some of the most iconic scenes from the film using the Google assistant to help him navigate.

For a limited time, those who purchase the Google Home Device can hear back some of the famous quotes from the film when talking to the Google assistant. Some people have called the ad ‘the greatest thing you’ll see’ over on twitter as well as ‘the best way to end 2018’. Here’s a look at ‘Home Alone again’.

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