Why your business needs Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a philosophy based around helping people. It is about creating valuable experiences that have a positive impact on people and the business. You want to empower and build relationships with your customers to make sure you are meeting people on their terms. Inbound is a marketing automation plan that attracts, engages and delighting people to grow a business that is trusted and valued. This movement is known as the inbound methodology.

You want to start off by attracting prospects and customers to your website and blog through relevant and helpful content. Once they arrive its time for you to engage with them using conversational tools like automated email marketing services and chat boxes.  Finally, it’s time for you to ‘delight’ them, this is done by continuing to provide an outstanding experience for them. Your end goal is to make your customers your promoters as this will help your business to have a continuation in the inbound methodology. Unlike outbound marketing, with inbound you don’t need to fight for potential customers attention. You create content that is designed to address the problems and needs of your customers.

So why does your business need to be using the Inbound marketing strategy.

  1. Inbound marketing is a lot less expensive than other traditional marketing strategies. The reason for this is that Inbound marketing focuses on digital methods for example web and email. This cost little to nothing to produce compared to outbound resources. Inbound methods are more measurable this allows businesses to analyse performance and optimise over time.
  2. Inbound marketing helps you to keep the customer as your primary focus. This is because Inbound focuses solely on the customer’s needs and interest rather than just on the businesses. Inbound enables the business to give a broader and more in depth look at your company so that you are able to provide content that is more helpful to those interested in companies similar to yours.
  3. Inbound Marketing allows you to easily access valuable feedback from customers and clients. When you begin using the inbound marketing strategy you are able to develop an online community. This community allows you to hear from clients about what they think of your company and your products.
  4. Inbound Marketing allows you to see what marketing strategies are working very quickly. Inbound marketing allows you to push out targeted piece of content to see how your audience would respond instead of having to wait on data and analytics reports. These quick reports allow you to generate more leads as you can see whats working and whats not.

How 8-digital can help

Our team of digital marketeers are well versed in all things digital and development. Our skill set allows our team to work with clients to understand their business and implement automation systems which free up their time. By nurturing leads automatically, business can focus on making their clients happy.

Want to learn more about how 8-digital can help, get in touch here.

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