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Published on: Partner marketing

Partner Marketing Solutions: Website Optimization

When it comes to marketing be it with, via or without your partners, no matter the channel, one thing that is always relevant is appearance. Much like on the high-street where visual finesse within a store is highly sought after, the digital space is no different, their shelves are optimized for purchase, our website optimization needs to be similarly in check.

Its likely something you’ve seen before in some of our other blogs or on other marketers sites, but so rarely is it the focus of much marketing attention or financial support. The website was built from the ground up to be a perfect unflappable representation of your brand, why does it need investment? The fact is more so even that advertising or other digital channels your website is at risk of becoming a missed opportunity faster, and in many more ways, than any other marketing avenue. Without attention it WILL lose you potential leads.

So let’s take a deeper dive as to what website optimization is, why it’s so important for your business and what it may look like for you.

What is Website Optimization

We can put it pretty simply, website optimization is a process where by a site owner uses strategies, audits, tools and testing to increase the overall performance of, traffic to, and conversion rates of, their website.

Optimization can focus on any or all of these goals depending on the desired outcome of any campaign but usually consists of several key focus areas which can help to speed up their pages, generate more discovery of their site organically and ensure their site is set up to take potential customers further towards a conversion. These can be achieved with website optimization using a number of key marketing tactics that include:

  • Traffic analytics reviews
  • Guided SEO enhancements
  • User Experience and Interface development
  • Web development alterations
  • Conversion rate optimization changes

Why is Website Optimization Important

It seems fairly safe to say the internet has become something we all rely on in our daily lives, at work and at home, great for digital marketing! But, with this rise in popularity comes a similar rise in standards, not just on the part of the user but also on the part of the Developers, creatives and curators of websites themselves. This demand for bigger and better faster has lead to the need for every website, not just the big hitters, to be on top of their optimization game.

As we mentioned before website optimization is at the core of modern marketing, it’s almost all the time the place potential customers are driven to by other marketing efforts be they paid, organic, email or even in person, when you’re in the technology sector there is an expectation your site will be your home base and as such the perfect representation of your company and its values.

With all that in mind it’s obvious why optimization is crucial for any business, vendor or partner, when we take into consideration our own expectations for, or even how we find a site.

By creating a site that works faster, is more user friendly and optimized for whatever the viewer may want, or how they may be viewing the site, we know we are creating the ideal environment for purchasing or significantly increasing our stock with said potential customer. Essentially, when we offer people what they want, in a seamless and unambiguous way as channel marketers we’re more likely to succeed in moving them towards a sale, the way your website works, how easily it can be discovered and by how good a subset of your audience all play into increasing the power of every other marketing activity you run, not to mention creating a greater sense of respect and trust for later in the customer journey, helping out sales and eventually customer services.

In short website optimization when done right will provide a great deal of value to your marketing efforts, sales teams, service reps and overall, your brand image as a whole. Sounds goo, doesn’t it. So what could a website optimization look like for you or your partners?

How Do I Optimize Your Website

Lets take the points from our first section one by one and see how a complete web optimization might look for you or your partner sites:

    1. Traffic Analytics Review
      The first place to start, as with most marketing activities is with some indepth information gathering. In this case you need to assess who is already visiting your site, how often, for how long, looking at which pages and where they left. Use a page insights application to achieve these and consider doing this as often as possible to stay on top of the information, creating a monthly or even bi-weekly report can go a long way.Using the results as a guide should give you insights into where the website needs improvement, including what pages are turning potential buyers off, what information interests them most, and which channels are creating you the most traffic from your marketing, with effective landing page or tracking code usage. This not only helps build a roadmap for other improvements but means you have a better understanding of how close or far these visitors are from your ideal buyer personas and where the messaging of your site overall is going right and wrong.


    1. Guided SEO Enhancements
      Great SEO is the golden goose of website optimization. There really is nothing better than having top notch organic discoverability rather than having to rely solely on outbound or paid marketing.Using an SEO tool you or your marketing asset can create sites that fulfil the optimal condition to be found by good quality prospects via search engines. There are a huge swath of factors that affect SEO rankings and great SEO for a mid-sized partner or even small vendor can be a full time occupation for one or more members of your marketing team. Backlinks, keywords, alt tags and any number of incorrect references or written content choices could be dragging an SEO score down and fixing these issues will greatly increse not only the volume of people coming to the site via organic search but also the quality of those visits.


    1. UX and UI Development
      With the amount of cheap and easy to use website builders available tasks like this are slowly becoming a thing of the past, but they aren’t ever likely to fully disappear. Especially important for website application portals and other heavily coded regions having a good grasp over what makes a good usable interface for your prospects as well as how they will interact with the interface is vital to making a website people WANT to be on.Responsiveness is a bigger and bigger part of web development with the ever evolving sizes shapes and resolutions of sub 10 inch screens. Making sure partner sites are set up to not only accommodate but be completely friendly with mobile and tablet users is a must. This obviously goes for all screens though, and a huge industry of User experience and interface building has evolved which has well informed processes for streamlining users actions to move around your site in the most efficient and conversion effective manner.


    1. Web Development Alterations
      Closely linked to UI and UX but with some more involved backend applications web development plays a key role in optimization from day one, but can be crucial throughout the sites life. Building a perfect site from the ground up is a daunting task not too many of us want to take on and part of this complexity is the wealth of options available at every stage of the build that can determine the quality of the site but also impact the functionality.Some of the key determinant factors affecting the optimization of the website are around web development decisions. The Builder and or templates used to create the site will have a significant impact and every effort should be made to keep all of the constituent plugins and API’s up to date and running with optimal coding, this extends to cleaning and updating all php files and javascript to reduce load times. Frequently one of the largest time syncs for bigger sites is image optimization, with a wealth of new formatting options being developed there is usually at least a few visual objects of sites that are not in the optimal configuration and could do with a change.


  1. Conversion Rate Optimization Changes
    The final meat and potatoes of website optimization is something that marketers and sales people will be all too familiar with, in fact it’s likely something they spend most of their time thinking about, how to get people viewing your offering to commit, to make that first real connection. In terms of websites this channels back into both UI/UX and web development, as well as incorporating plenty of innate marketing ideals in order to coerce every relevant prospect into, essentially, clicking a button.Conversion rate can be increased with several factors but finding which one will work best for your solution is unfortunately not so simple. Unlike all the other avenues to a perfected web experience we have above, which all have agreed upon best practices, CRO is a much more mercurial process and requires testing to see what suits your audiences best. Creating A/B or Adaptive page testing should eventually lead to an overall result that shows what works best with your personas and lead to the optimal choices of pages for your offerings. Each set of pages should test different aspects of the conversion process to see which will work best to drive viewers to becoming customers, in the long term this can even be coupled with sales results to get a more unified view of how best fit customers will interact with you. Things that can be tested should include:
  • Page Layouts
  • Headline and Body Copy
  • Call to Action Locations and Copy
  • Gating (or ungating) Content
  • Chatbots
  • Personalization tokens
  • Micro-commitment options
    and many others.

By following some of these ideals and creating meaningful change on you and your partners sites and landing pages wherever possible, you can help drive impressions and conversions from more of the right kinds of buyers, meaning better results across your program for everyone involved.

Can We Help With You or Your Partner Website Optimization? Let Us Know!

You want to create the best selling situation for each partner on your program, so they can just get on with promoting your products. However, providing meaningful website optimization across the spectrum for them can be a massive undertaking. Gorilla can help, providing a directed and informed boost for your best and brightest partners to keep them ahead of the game, click here to learn more about our Partner Marketing services including website optimization.