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Published on: Partner Marketing Concierge

The Value of Channel Marketing Agency Concierges

With 2022 presenting a plethora of new challenges for partner enablement, the role of the channel marketing concierge has become more important than ever. Work-from-home structures and economic uncertainty forced tech channels deep into uncharted territory, and those who didn’t responded correctly are seeing notable downturns in partner engagement. To help combat this, more vendors than ever are looking for channel marketing concierges (CMCs), provided by a channel marketing agency, to aid channel managers and help keep partners on the path to sales.

What is a Channel Marketing Agency Concierge?

We have a more in-depth blog on the role of the channel marketing agency concierge that you can find here – but in short, concierges provide personalised marketing support to help partners fully utilise their resources. They help gather marketing collateral, assist in creating co-branded assets and help execute coherent marketing campaigns across the board. Ultimately, they help partners promote products, gather leads and win deals. Let’s talk about why more IT vendors than ever before are choosing channel marketing concierge services. Nowadays, concierges achieve partner enablement by individually empowering each partner on a case-by-case basis. Concierge teams lead partners from the front, aiding in the creation of marketing content and providing fully-unique partner support. Concierges take the time to understand each partner, allowing vendor channel marketing leadership to focus on overarching marketing strategies. Concierges can provide detailed insights into the way partners operate and can help partner marketing leaders capitalise on partner strengths whilst mitigating weaknesses.  

Why a Concierge: Partner Enablement

As an experienced channel marketing agency, we know that treating channel partners as a homogenous group isn’t good for business. An overarching challenge across industry is that of insufficient channel coverage. Vendor Partner Account Managers need to focus their efforts on the highest revenue producing partners, leaving the rising stars in the long tail untouched. This is especially true for channels with hundreds of active sales partners. The concierge team takes partner enablement to a new level. They operate in the unique position to allocate partner resources where they’re needed most, amplifying the strengths of each partner. Using a channel marketing concierge system enables partners to run integrated campaigns using different types of marketing tactics – with the added benefit of providing hands-on support in the form of tele-prospecting and telemarketing. Partners lacking these resources can save time by allowing concierges to set up appointments with pre-qualified leads, allowing partner sales teams to engage and close fresh leads without stretching their resources too thin. Dedicated CMCs provide partners with more control in how they market your brand, allowing them to fully play to their strengths. When a concierge is involved, it’s no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to partner enablement. Concierges help partners build custom, co-brandable and digital marketing campaigns based around vendor solutions and key messaging, providing partners with more control over their marketing whilst maintaining a fully coherent brand experience, across the whole partner base. This provides the added benefit of much greater partner flexibility. 2020 has exemplified how important it is to have an agile and adaptable channel, and Concierges allow for quick, cohesive branding adjustments – ensuring unified responses across the board, with a vastly improved speed-to-market.

Why a Concierge: Partner Engagement

In the early days of the channel, all vendors really cared about was partner pipeline sales figures. Nowadays, it’s far more complex – partner sales figures are, of course, still vital to success. Yet over the years, the value of channel partner engagement rates and opportunities for partner growth has skyrocketed. One-way Concierges boost partner growth is by incentivising activity-driven metrics to ensure regular touch-points – vastly increasing participation in vendor partner programs. The more motivated and engaged your partners are with you as a vendor, the higher you’ll be on their list of priorities, and the quicker they’ll climb the partner tier list. As an example, after utilising Gorilla’s marketing concierge system, Nutanix saw a vertiginous growth in partner marketing activities. Engagement was up across the board, and leads, sales and interactions quickly followed suit – all after just a few months of utilizing a concierge system. Furthermore, a concierge system allows new partners to hit the ground running. New partner adoption and engagement rates have long been a major pain point for vendors – especially those with hundreds of partners and multiple partner tiers. With a dedicated concierge system, new partners are able to find their place within a vendor’s partner base by receiving customized guidance from the get-go.  

Final Thoughts

Channel marketing agency concierge systems have been gaining rapid popularity over the years. Their ability to engage and enable partners allows them to focus on their strengths, increasing sales whilst decreasing partner burnout. This is why large IT vendors have suddenly felt empowered in being able to extend coverage to long tail partners in an unprecedented whilst decreasing costs by utilising a specialist channel marketing concierge team. We’re noticing small and mid-sized IT vendors are quickly following their lead, using CMCs to rapidly deploy multiple global campaigns whilst making the most out of their marketing development funds. Having worked with global vendors such as IBM, Nutanix, VMware, Cisco, Oracle, Symantec, McAfee, the Gorilla Channel Marketing Concierge team certainly knows a thing or two about managing and enabling partners worldwide. Our team provides detailed insights and live dashboard reports based on pipeline uplift, allowing vendors to see concierge impact and activity in real-time. For more information on how our concierge team can help you, use the get in touch.