The heart-breaking ad that has gone viral!!

An emotional advert made by a 32-year-old videographer Phil Bestall has gone viral. Now having over a million views, fans are calling for John Lewis to hire this man for 2019’s Christmas ad.

With this year’s John Lewis advert rumoured to have cost around £7 million, fans have hit out on social media marketing platforms saying that the ad is not Christmassy enough.  Phil’s ad tells a sad tale of a man opening up a cassette box on Christmas day to listen to his late mothers’ final message before she passed away, which has become a tradition for him.

This emotional video has been argued that it should be used by John Lewis instead of the costly Elton John ad. Phil has responded to all this by saying “People seem to like my film because it’s the story that shines through. “You don’t always need a huge budget, just an impactful narrative that gets the message across.”

The current commercial by John Lewis is called The boy and The piano and it tells the story of why some gifts are more than just a gift and spans the super star Elton Johns life. It is showing how a gift of a piano from his grandmother has helped make Elton John the international superstar that he is today. However, lots of people criticised the advert for being a ‘massive plug’ for the singer’s upcoming biopic. Lord Sugar certainly didn’t disagree with this, he took to twitter to rant about the big-budget and claimed that it was just a way of marketing managers wasting money to produce an advert which has no impact on sales.

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