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The Team

Meet our Team

We are a passionate group who live and breath digital marketing and technology. Get to know us a little better below.

Nicola W.

As owner of 8-digital, Nic helps with the strategy of the business. Management of resources and timings and ensuring campaign goals are meeting targets. Nic started her career on the client services side of the digital marketing industry more than 10 years ago. Prior to 8-digital, Nic spent more than 3 years as a Senior Account Manager for IBM. Nic's passion and strength is in her client skills and SEO work.

Mev D.
Managing Director

As managing director, Mev leads the day to day operations of 8-digital. Mev's main focus is on web site development for clients, but also deals with the digital marketing side of the business. Mev has high hope for 8-digital and believes that to be successful, we need to deliver on two things. Customer satisfaction and quality of work. Mev is proud of the level of service 8-digital provides to new and existing customers. But he also believes everything can be improved despite how good currently.

Michaela G.
Account Manager

Constantly happy, Michaela's infectious positivity brightens up our client meetings. Michaela strives to keep all clients happy, and she understand there is no better way to do this other than delivering good quality work. Michaela's speciality is SEO, however her knowledge extends to all areas of digital marketing and web development. You get the full package working with Michaela.

Oskar B.
SEO Manager

Oskar leads all things SEO in 8-digital. Between work and being down the pub, Oskar is also working on his Business Degree. So you get both smarts and experience when working with Oskar. Since his time with 8-digital, Oskar has shown his SEO knowledge is second to none and this is only backed by his successful track record with clients. Staying up to date with any updates to search engines, he is able to act proactively rather than retroactively and we are very happy he is part of the team.

Sam T.
Paid Media Expert

Sam is the Paid Media expert at 8-digital. Efficiently managing paid ads and display campaigns, he is responsible for optimising campaigns, devising and implementing targeted display strategies. Sam has a strong track record of implementing successful, high impact display and PPC campaigns in competitive industries.

Luke Ulla-Thomas
Commercial Manager

Heading up our Sales team, Luke is the driving force behind our great clientele base. Luke has been an integral part of the team and with a broad understanding of both digital marketing and development. He is well placed to understand your needs and provide a accurate quote which we know we can deliver. Luke is the first point of call for most of our clients, and his knowledge and smooth personality mean they stick around for a second call.

Ian R.
Commercial Manager

Ian has joined the 8-digital team as a business development executive within the Sales team. Ian's ability to bond with clients and highlight the benefits of working with 8-digital is second to none. Ian loves working with potential clients and loves understanding a client's business so that he understand where 8-digital and our services can help.

Ellen S.
Digital Marketing Executive

Ellen love for design and marketing are a combination made in heaven. Her creative style means that our clients are sure to get top notch email campaigns. Between work and her social life, Ellen likes to capture the beauty in the world through photography. Her creativity only adds to our teams great set of skills. And her's have shone though brightly. Her realiabilty

Giuseppe C.
Digital Marketing Executive

Giuseppe leads an off shoot of 8-digital called The Pet Medicine Company. Although not directly involved in 8-digital. His knowledge of eBay and Amazon are a great asset for both us and out clients.

Lea M.
Digital Marketing Executive

Lea has joined our digital marketing team, she adds a certain drive and passion most wish they had. Working alongside our other team members, she has gotten to grips with both SEO and PPC very quickly and has hit the ground running. She is a great asset to both 8-digital and our clients.

Billy J.
Junior Designer

Billy brings talent, creativity and an artistic talent some wish they had. Billy is responsible for creating all aspects of design at 8-digital and is a highly skilled digital designer who understands what it takes to make brands look great and websites stand out in a crowded online space.