Animated Banner Ads and HTML5 Advertising

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Animated Ads

Rich media such as HTML5 allow you to be creative and improve your click through rate with interactive animated banners.

Our award winning team can help you to scrap those old and nasty banners and create something memorable, fun and unique.

What are HTML5 Ads?

  • HTML5 is a language which web browsers use to display content to users.
  • The technology is to used to create and display animated ads to users.
  • This language can contain animated elements which breathes new life into previously stagnant display ad campaigns

How are Animated Ads Better?

  • Animated ads stand out and capture interest unlike traditional static banner ads
  • Animated ads have a higher click through rate
  • HTML5 supports interactive elements to support further animations
  • Increased brand presence and familiarity

What’s next?

Let us show you some of our already designed HTML5 Ads to help you get feel for the right one for you. Call us now or fill in the contact form to discuss your project.