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Animated Ads

With traditional static banner ads suffering from a lower clickthrough rate than their text ads counterparts animated HTML5 ads are the answer!

What are HTML5 Ads?

HTML5 is a language which web browsers use to display content to users. This technology is now used to create and display animated ads to users browsing sites across the web. Thanks to the HTML5 language, these ads can contain animated elements which breathe new life into any previously stagnant display ad campaign.

How are animated ads better?

One of the reasons why traditional static banner ads suffer from low clickthrough rates is because they don’t’ stand out as much as animated banner ads. What this means for your business is all those clients who should have clicked on your ad and visited your website didn’t even take notice. HTML5 ads also support interactive elements, this means that a user can click on your ad to trigger further animation which gets them familiarised with our brand and offering even before they clicked through to your website.

Will HTML 5 ads work for me?

All our clients who made the switch saw an increase in the number of clicks generated through their display ad campaign which ultimately improved the number and quality of business critical enquiries generated through their website. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.