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Published on: Channel Marketing

The Path to True Channel Marketing Automation

There really is only one driving force behind marketing, doing everything in as efficient a way as possible. Thats it! Sounds so simple, so why do so many partners struggle to make it happen? Because it’s not an easy game and theres always someone out there trying to do it more efficiently still than you. So, whats the latest edge you can get to keep you in the game? it’s been around a while but is still woefully under-utilised, Channel marketing automation.

Automation, The Basics

Putting it in simple terms channel marketing automation is just the process by which you market to your chosen channel becoming that bit easier. We know that as soon as some of the burdens associated with mass marketing is taken away from your marketing teams they flourish and become ever more creative and excited to do their jobs to the best of their ability, so make it happen, automatically.

By creating routines, templating and ‘workflows’ that run marketing actions the way companies expect without or with minimal interaction from their marketers , save in set up, the vast majority of the marketing process, from strategy through to sales handover can be automated. This sort of solution is becoming common place across a lot of industries.

Marketing automation is growing, unsurprisingly, into the tech and computing industries at a phenomenal rate. With their need to drive bigger and better clients towards a, often pricey, final purchase, and marketing to a very large and growing segment, they struggle far more frequently with over-saturation of their marketing assets. By utilising the right types of channel marketing automation that pressure can be relieved and personalisation of marketing increased to provide more relevant content, faster, and in the right way to the right audience. 

All this being said we should remember that automation isn’t so much a one stop shop for every solution and should be tailored to each desired outcome and channel used …

Our Channel Marketing Automation Solutions

Channel marketing automaton is not just something to apply once to your data, though it’ll help, it really shines when you can optimise it to work across every channel you use and coincide neatly with your strategy and plans from the word go.  We use our automation for our clients in a number of ways including:


Automatically schedule and publish relevant, engaging, conversion-centred content with tools that speed up creation, keep formatting consistent, and make it easy to optimise for search.

Landing Pages

Launch landing pages that look perfect across every device, adding forms designed for completion quickly, and automatically change content based on who’s viewing your page.


Create and send professional emails, automatically personalise subject lines and content for each recipient, and run A/B tests to improve open rates and clickthroughs.

Lead Management

Access each contact’s information and see every interaction you’ve already had. Use this data to create workflowed hyper-targeted campaigns that close more deals without your input.


Gain insight into your entire customer journey to see which marketing assets are working the hardest. Use multi-touch revenue attribution to show how marketing impacts the bottom line.

Social Media

Monitor brand mentions and relevant conversations, track engagements automatically, and schedule your social posts to be published when the right people will see them.


Plan your content strategy around topics that will elevate your authority in search engines, get as-you-type optimisation advice as you’re creating content, and measure real SEO ROI with integrated analytics.


Design automatically testable CTAs visitors can’t help but click, know who clicks which CTAs, and measure performance to get the best clickthrough rates over time.


Distribute and track the ROI, of your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google advertising with precision, so you can truly justify every ad spend.


Create a record of every email open, CTA click, and form submission and have it available to every team member in every stage. Use this data to innately score leads and auto-populate segmented lists.


By using channel marketing automation across every channel and in every aspect of your marketing, especially utilising a singular technology to do so where appropriate, you can quickly and effectively begin to break new ground with long neglected prospects and develop relationships you never thought possible, fast and efficiently. Take your channel marketing to the next level and grow your stock with vendors, more quickly provide qualified and engaged leads and help tee your sales teams up for the wealth of new opportunities.

Should you want help making the most of your channel marketing automation solutions or just choosing the right one for your business; please feel free to get in touch and talk about the services we can offer to help you stay relevant and competitive.