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What Is Partner Marketing?

Technology vendors the world over use partners to reach end-customers; no single vendor has the resources to handle every customer interaction in-house. Channel partner marketing plays a vital role in getting the most from these relationships.

Essentially, effective partner marketing ensures that partners understand the vendor’s value – both to them and to their end-customers – and that customer value is communicated effectively to the market. Partner marketing drives partner engagement with the vendor’s brand, creates mindshare, helps stimulate customer interest, generates leads and, ultimately, drives sales.

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We can help you get the most out of your Partner Marketing, We offer a free and easy marketing audit to get you started. No commitment. Yours to keep. Just contact us to get started.

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How do I work in a Partner Marketing Program?

Being part of a partner marketing program with a vendor has numerous advantages. The support and provisioning of resources from some vendors can be almost complete allowing partners to merely implement the marketing. Of course for many partners thats easier said than done.

Where you don’t have the resources or experience to create marketing campaigns that will drive lead creation you need the help of dedicated marketing expertise to plan, develop and run winning campaigns with the input of you and your vendor

We can help! With 8-digital we can make the process seamless, hassle and risk-free, get in touch today.

Do I Need Partner Marketing Support?

So, having seen the benefits Partner Marketing can offer has convinced you to give it a whirl. However, getting up and running alone is not a quick task and is going to take up a lot of time and resources. By using an experienced Partner Marketing Agency to plan, set up, optimise your program, or even help train your in-house teams, you’re free to get to work seeing the benefits of your new network and campaign returns.

How 8-digital Gives You the Edge

Starting partner marketing can be a tricky prospect, especially without in-house resources to get you underway. By partnering with an experienced agency like 8-digital you’ll be able to make the most of your new systems quickly with direct support.

Our personalised services take care of the strategy, planning, setup, initiation, monitoring and reporting, from day 1 fully transparent and supported. With our 2 decades of tech channel experience we can help effectively generate leads, so that you, and in turn your vendor, can see real ROIs fast and at scale.

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Get powerful lead generation solutions to help guide and strengthen your pipeline

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Get powerful lead generation solutions to help guide and strengthen your pipeline

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Get powerful lead generation solutions to help guide and strengthen your pipeline

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Get powerful lead generation solutions to help guide and strengthen your pipeline

An Example of Partner Marketing Done Right

When done the right way Partner Marketing is a truly awesome force for both the vendor and partner side of a program, while supplying the vendor with fresh, appropriate leads ready to take into the sales funnel, it also creates partner value and relationship integrity that will lead to a greater level of respect and synergy across the board.

Our in-depth Partner Marketing strategy, campaigns and support ensure you make the most of every opportunity, with solutions tailored to each partner and relationship we ensure maximum returns and a vital reduction in exhausted assets for both partner and vendor alike.

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Read Our Partner Marketing Case Study from our work with Furaco, a Nutanix Partner, and discover how you can leverage the power of 8-digitals expertise and tools to enhance your lead generation.

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Getting started with Partner Marketing doesn’t have to be hard and you can start today. Just get in touch with one of our dedicated experts and we’ll provide you with a personalised Partner Marketing Audit. We’ll look at your business, goals, technology and needs, to create a simple set of opportunities we can use to structure the future of your Partner Marketing journey.

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