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Published on: Lead Generation

A New Lead Generation Approach for MSPs

The IT industry as a whole is growing at an unprecedented rate, and a key component of this is managed service providers. With demands for experienced MSPs increasing by the day, and a whole host of emerging technologies to look to for supporting business infrastructure, you’d be forgiven for thinking lead generation would be a breeze. However, this isn’t always the case.

The Relationship Between MSP Marketing and Lead Generation

For many MSPs, lead generation is a recurring problem holding their business back from growth. Many find the easier route lies in maintaining current relationships with clients, relying on word-of-mouth referrals to occasionally add new opportunities to their pipeline. Developing a strategy that generates interest is one thing, but bringing in relevant, qualified leads, reaching  the right decision makers at the right time, is another matter entirely. This is especially true when you consider the industry growth managed service providers have been through over the last few years. The marketplace is more packed than ever before, and positioning your business ahead of the competition can be tricky. It may be tempting to promote more generic service options in the hope of maximising the amount of future clients you’ll reach with your marketing efforts, but the truth is, this can prove to be a huge setback, leaving you little to work with to set yourself apart from the crowd.

What Makes Your Business Different?

MSPs generally see far more success focusing on what they do differently to their competitors. Offering audiences something new, that addresses a problem your competitors have overlooked or do not have the capacity to resolve, is more likely to resonate with the target audiences. Cultivating a campaign that positions your unique strengths at the forefront is far more likely to linger in the minds of your target audience, resulting in greater success, not only improving campaign engagement, but helping to ensure the leads generated are of a better quality.

Don’t Forget to Nurture

For simplicity, it’s often attractive to measure the success of lead generation campaigns based solely on immediate sales closure. However, it is important not to neglect those leads who engage with the campaign positively, but may not quite be ready to close the deal. Ensuring a strong lead nurture campaign is in place can be very easily done, but all too often, isn’t part of most marketing strategies. Making sure those leads are nurtured, however, is absolutely essential, helping to secure future pipeline and continue growing your business and revenue long after the initial campaign draws to an end.

At 8-Digital, our expert channel marketing team are here to help. We know the landscape, and provide MSPs with marketing strategies and support that will evolve your business’ lead generation methods. For more information, get in touch to speak to a member of our MSP enablement team.