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Published on: Partner marketing

How To Improve your B2B Lead Generation Campaigns

There’s no escaping it – lead generation campaigns are everywhere, and this is never more obvious than it is when browsing the internet. For most businesses, particularly within the IT landscape, it’s completely necessary – with future business growth and revenue contingent on bringing in those leads, the need for a strong lead generation campaign isn’t something to be avoided. However, with an increasing number of competitors to go up against, all vying for the same audience attention, knowing exactly how to make the most effective use of your strategy can be tricky, especially with B2B lead generation campaigns. 

Supporting Growth with B2B Lead Generation

For many businesses within the IT channel, it can be tempting to rely on maintaining current relationships with partners rather than focus on developing new ones. Often, businesses end up reliant on word-of-mouth referrals to secure future revenue. However, this model of lead generation is unpredictable, and offers little stability for businesses looking to grow. In order to ensure the lead pipeline is never empty, a well thought-out campaign is the easiest way to not only attract interest, but bring in relevant, qualified prospects who are likely to convert from lead to client. 

What Sets You Apart

But with so many competitors, all looking to fill their own lead pipeline, how can you ensure that your business is the one coming out on top? It can be tempting to plan for a generic campaign that ticks as many boxes as possible, in the hopes of attracting as many leads as you can. Whilst this may work, consider this: How many of those leads fit your ideal client profile? If the leads you are attracting aren’t a good fit for your business, or are unlikely to convert, you are essentially wasting your time. Instead, focus on what you do differently, offering a new solution to a specific problem your competitors may have overlooked. Not only will this resonate more strongly with those you actually want to work with, and aid you in filtering out leads that are unlikely to go anywhere, but it will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Staying On Target

As a general rule of thumb, you should never launch a lead generation campaign without being certain of your targets. This applies both to the volume of qualified leads you hope to gain, and the audience you are trying to reach. Having an initial number in mind can be daunting, but essential for you to ensure you are achieving a return on your investment that works for your business, and should be clearly communicated before you begin in order to manage your budget and keep your cost per lead at an acceptable level. 

When it comes to your target audience, clearly defining who you are hoping to attract will dramatically improve your chances of a successful campaign, allowing your marketing team to research, plan, and optimise in order to reach those who best fit your profile and positively impacting conversion rates. If you can’t already answer the question of who you want to reach, it is worth carving out some time to build your ideal customer profile, and market directly to them and their needs, rather than relying on assumptions and guesswork. 

Consider your Pipeline

Once you have captured your leads, what do you do with them? For many, lead generation campaigns are geared towards immediate sales closure. However, neglecting to nurture leads that don’t convert right away could be detrimental. Once you have a lead, plan for how you will reach out to them, keeping the lines of communication open and your business at the forefront of their mind, so that when they are ready to buy in, it’s your business they will seek out. 


For more information on how to make your B2B lead generation campaign a success, please feel free to get in touch.