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Published on: Lead Generation

How HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Strategies Can Transform Your Business

At 8-Digital, we know how to execute a successful marketing campaign. With over 15 years in the industry, we have seen it adapt and grow, almost beyond recognition, and one of the biggest gamechangers in the marketing world has undoubtedly been the rise of Inbound Marketing. With powerful automation software such as Hubspot leading the charge, incorporating inbound marketing into your business’ lead generation efforts is essential in positioning yourself for success.

The Fall of Outbound Marketing

In the digital age, the average consumer is more aware of marketing efforts than ever – and more clued in on how to avoid them. Indeed, there are plenty of tools, software and services out there that can prevent traditional outbound marketing techniques from ever reaching the intended recipient. Ad-blockers, spam filters, and call screening, to name but a few, are all easily implemented at the click of a mouse. Audience members have more power than ever to switch off and opt out, and whilst this is, objectively, a good thing, it does make life harder for many marketers and businesses looking to bolster their sales pipeline.

Enter Inbound

If you’ve never heard of inbound marketing, the concept is a simple one. Rather than reaching out to those who may not have ever heard of your business, nor shown an interest in what you have to offer, inbound marketing instead focuses on those who have already engaged with you in some way, whether that be visits to your website, opting in to email lists, or inclusion in your contact database. After initial interaction, engaging, useful content and collateral is utilised to further peak their interest, providing answers to their questions and solving the problems that drew them to your business in the first place. The result is a refined, more organised sales pipeline, with leads that are far more qualified, primed to close deals when the time is right.

Priming For Inbound Success

The key to inbound marketing is understanding the journey your potential clients are taking when engaging with your business. When they visit your website, what happens? Where do they go? What steps can you be taking to usher them into the next stage of the sales funnel? Once this is understood, content and contact touchpoints can be curated for every step of the journey, taking these engaged prospects by the hand and leading them through the sales process until they become successful closed deals.

However, the journey doesn’t end once the deal is won. From here, your clients take on a role of their own in your marketing efforts, becoming useful promoters for your business and helping you reach a whole new audience of attractive sales opportunities.

How Inbound Marketing Can Bolster Your Business

When compared to outdated outbound techniques, inbound marketing offers a host of benefits. As well as being more effective, generating on average, a higher return on investment in the long term, most businesses who have made the leap have found it is a far more cost-effective option than trying to appeal to mass audiences who may or may not have much interest in what you have to offer. The true benefit of inbound marketing lies in its capacity to improve the relationships your business builds with client and prospects. An inbound strategy will generate a higher level of trust, credibility, and loyalty, cultivated by a more thoughtful, targeted approach that truly considers the needs of those undertaking your customer journey and demonstrates a commitment to providing meaningful interactions.

At 8-Digital, our team are expertly trained in the power of inbound marketing using HubSpot’s sophisticated platform, able to plan, develop, and execute complete marketing strategies personalised for every business. For more information, or to find out how inbound marketing can transform your business’ lead generation techniques, why not get in touch with us and speak to a member of our team?