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Published on: Partner ecosystem

Is Re-engagement the Key to Growing Your Channel?

When it comes to growing your channel, many automatically think of the partner recruitment process. Whilst this can be a sure fire way to boost revenue, the process of finding, nurturing, and onboarding new partners can be costly, both in time and profit. However, there is another resource of untapped potential that many vendors overlook – your existing partners.

Use Your Partner Program Platform

The first step when it comes to identifying the right partners to help you grow lies within your partner program platform. Ideally, this should help you easily see who is performing well, which partners need extra support from you, and help you easily pinpoint the gaps in what they are selling. Are they engaging with all your products and services? If not, why not? Your existing partner base is a great tool to have at your disposal, and should be able to answer these questions, even if you aren’t certain yourself. Make sure you are measuring their progress, staying alert, and taking action when you start to see patterns emerging.

Selling to Existing Partners

Hooking new partners isn’t an easy task, and requires the lengthy process of building a relationship of trust with your partners before they commit. With your existing partners, this hard work has already been completed, meaning that selling them on your new products and services is a far simpler task. If your relationship is solid, you should have little problem in providing them the support they need to sell – which, in turn, will provide revenue and growth for you. By re-engaging your existing clients, you are encouraging a large boost to your channel activity, without the hassle of undergoing a new partner recruitment drive.

Keep Innovating

Re-engaging your partners to sell for you will only be successful if they haven’t already exhausted what you have to offer. You may have a fantastic product, or provide the very best of services, but realistically, without further growth to back it up and ensure you are always up to date and current, there is only so much your partners can do. By ensuring you are regularly offering something new, whether that be a new product or service or an improvement on the previous iteration, you will make your partners’ job far easier.

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