Google Doodle plays tribute to Edith Cavell

Today Google play tribute to British nurse Edith Cavell through a Google Doodle. Edith Cavell was sentenced to death by a German military court and executed on October 12th, 1915. Edith Cavell was born on December 4th, 1865 in Norfolk, eastern England. Edith was a British nurse who risked and lost her life to help British and French soldiers to escape occupied Belgium during World War One.

Edith trained to be a nurse at the age of 30 after caring for her sick father, she studied at the Royal London Hospital and went on to work in a number of UK hospitals. Once qualified she made the move over to Belgium, there she was appointed the first matron of the Berkendael institute in Brussels. When WW1 broke out, she insisted that she treat casualties of all nationalities regardless of their allegiance. This is where she become involved with an underground group that sheltered the French and British soldiers and helped them escape Belgium.

However, in August 1915 Edith was caught and arrested. She was charged with treason by the Germans. She confessed to the German military court and was executed on October 12th, 1915. Two years after her death the Nation’s fund for nurses was launched to assist those who “sought the health of others at the expense of her own” This later came to be renamed the Cavell Nurses trust.

Today Google has created a Google Doodle that plays tribute to her heroic actions. Below you can watch a YouTube video showing you 5 facts you need to know about Edith Cavell!

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