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Published on: Marketing

Move Ahead Of The Marketing Curve By Embracing These Digital Trends

Businesses today are operating in a customer-first environment. Regardless of your niche, your target audience has multiple options when it comes to products and services. Gaining more business than the competition ultimately comes down to demonstrating how you are better than the competition. This piece looks at digital trends that can help you achieve this.

Use of Personalisation and Data

The average customer today wants to see your concern for their individual needs. This highlights a need for carefully tailored and personalised experiences. It is no surprise that personalised CTAs convert 42% more than generic CTAs. Data-backed personalisation is already becoming the benchmark for marketing. With data, it is easier to discover topics that matter the most to your target audiences. It also ensures easier tracking of interaction with content, allowing you to know what content will appeal to their target audience the most.

Partnership Between Content and SEO

“You are getting your marketing processes wrong if you still treat SEO and content as separate entities,” says Matt Davies at Slingshot Search. “All bits of content developed must be optimised with an eye on the SERPs. This means that the days when SEO and content teams operated in separate silos are long gone.”

Most companies understand this shift in dynamics with 97% of those in a recent survey accepting the need for the integration of content and SEO. It remains to be seen, however, how many companies have robust integration strategies.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

As we are heading towards a massive 40,000 exabytes worth of marketing related data by 2020, human marketers need to come to terms with the fact that they can’t do it all. Artificial intelligence analyses data and ensures more efficient understanding of buyer personas and customer journeys. Artificial intelligence will not completely replace the human element of marketing but it will make the creation of digital strategies easier than ever.

Rise of Mobile and IoT

The fact that we are now in a mobile dominated world is now common knowledge. Unfortunately, many marketers are still lagging behind when it comes to optimising content for users, even in the face of Google’s impending mobile first algorithm which we expect to see by 2018.  This is a big issue, especially now when more proactive marketers are optimising for wearables and voice search on devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers. Modern customers are more likely to seek fast responses using voice search. Brands that want to be ahead of the marketing curve needs to ensure that content and digital trends are designed with these trends in mind.

The digital marketing landscape is changing at a rapid pace. It is time for your business to realign your digital strategies if you must jump ahead of the curve today and enhance your relevance.