‘Cyber Monday is the biggest sales opportunity in 2018’ but is this really true?

Cyber Monday, also known as ‘Black Monday’ is a term used to refer to the Monday that follows the US thanksgiving weekend. It is the unofficial start of the online holiday shopping season. On this day most, online retailers will offer special promotions, discounts and sales. While Black Friday remains the biggest shopping day of the year, cyber Monday has become the largest online shopping day. The term Cyber Monday was created in 2005 by the online arm of the national retail federation. The trade noticed that for the last couple of years web purchases often spiked on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

The effect that Cyber Monday has had on retailers is amazing, the business insider reported that in 2014 the results from Cyber Monday shopping “shattered all records”. The hype surrounding Cyber Monday is unheard of on other days of the year. And retailers and marketers can take advantage of this in order to get more sales. In the past, bloggers, TV shows, radio and other mediums report on some of the best deals, this for a retailer is essentially free advertising.

The impact that Cyber Monday has on retailers is that by offering exclusive discounts on that day they are able to drive overall web traffic to their site via ad-clicks. It puts customers in a position where they cannot pass up on products at the price they have discounted to. Cyber Monday also enables retailers to offer additional incentives to obtain email addresses from customers. This means that retailers are given the opportunity to gain free market research and to continue business with that customer after Cyber Monday.

So now its time to get your site ready for Cyber Monday. Think of Cyber Monday as a digital rush to your website, although you can’t physically see the traffic come through your door it is still happening and you will need to make sure your online store can handle the traffic. Something to keep in mind when Cyber Monday rolls around is to keep your website responsive, mobile compatible and running throughout the whole day. 8-digital are here to help with any pre-sale development you might need. Or if you need to beat the competition, our PPC experts are here to help. Our full-service team are ready to make Cyber Monday work for you and your business.

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