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Our Ethos

Marketing collateral plays a crucial role in getting prospective customers to know, understand, and trust your company enough to buy from you. 8-digital creates targeted and relevant marketing collateral that meets your ideal customer at their current phase of the buyer’s journey. We believe for content to be at its most powerful, it must be consumed by the prospect at the optimal time for it to have a real impact.

Today, your most powerful marketing collateral is content that helps buyers make smart purchasing decisions. Marketing collateral has to be:

  • User-friendly
  • Relevant
  • Supportive

The content we create is often in the form of downloadable content such as case studies, use cases or video content. Good content needs to be paired with a well-optimised landing page that includes a user-friendly interface and a persuasive CTA.

Custom A la Carte Content

Value Proposition

The cornerstone of all your messaging and content is the value you bring to prospects and customers.  We can help you articulate your unique value proposition that answers the question ‘why’ someone should do business with you and ‘why’ your service or product will be of more value to them than similar offerings from your competition.

Copy Writing

Is your copy missing the mark with your customers? Are you looking to position yourself as a thought leader and an expert? We create powerful copy that differentiates you from the competition and improves your online visibility.

Top of Funnel Content

Top of Funnel content to drive website conversion, custom anchor content for campaigns, third party publication, lead magnets, success stories.

Middle & Bottom Funnel Content

Middle and bottom of funnel content to support customer decisions, drive website conversion, custom anchor content for campaigns, third party publication, fulfilment

Creds Deck

Enable your sales team, support events, or give prospects a self-paced way to learn more about your business solutions with a vibrant provocative presentation

Thought Leadership Pieces

We fuel your sales pipeline by creating research-driven thought leadership content that helps differentiate your company’s solutions and generate qualified leads.

Video Content

Increase customer revenue, retention & product engagement. We create engaging cinematic content for businesses and events.

Case Studies

Capture a record of your success with a valued customer in a beautifully designed, professionally made and enticing document.

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