Google is increasing security for websites – Are you SSL ready?

Google is set to introduce a new security measure in the Chrome browser that warns users on websites when the web page is not secure. The warning will appear on non-encrypted pages that collect personal or payment information, such as contact forms and ecommerce websites.

As of the 3rd October, Google will flag any website without an SSL certificate as unsafe, displaying a red cross and warning message.  Google Chrome Users will be advised to ‘go back to safety’, for many websites this will result in a drop in traffic, sales or online enquiries due to potential customers deeming the site as untrustworthy.

connectionnotprivateAt this moment, the change will affect over two thirds of all websites, resulting in them being marked as unsafe by Google due to the absence of an SSL certificate.

By acquiring an SSL certificate, you are purchasing a particular kind of cryptography, which produces long strips of randomly generated numbers. This means, for example, if a hacker were to try and intercept communication between your website and a server, the hacker would only see a cryptographic code that is unbreakable- even with a computer.  An SSL certificate initiates a secure session with browsers, and ensures secure web traffic between the web server and web browser.

httpsIf a website has the SSL certificate installed, the browser will show a small padlock in the address bar, and the standard HTTP will be changed to HTTPS, with the ‘s’ standing for ‘secure.

SSL certificates exist to keep data and private information such as passwords and bank details secure between servers, build and enhance your customer’s trust in your website, increase your Google ranking and improve conversion rates.

SSL certificates can only be obtained through trusted certificate authorities. You can get an SSL certificate with 8-digital for free. However, there will be a fixed cost of £150 + VAT for installation of the SSL certificate.

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