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SEO, AdWords and Social Media Marketing Services

8-Digital is a digital marketing company devoted to getting your company noticed online. Our efforts include, but are not limited to: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online marketing, social media, and Google Adwords. By utilizing these methods, 8-Digital can successfully plan and deliver digital marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO helps to drive traffic to a company’s website. 8-Digital has two main goals when it comes to their SEO services – drive traffic to a website, and increase conversation on that website. Incorporating the keywords chosen for the Google Adwords also plays a part in SEO. Working through a website’s infrastructure and enhancing its content delivers the best results to a company.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is used to increase a company’s sales, leads and increase their overall return on investment. PPC is a form of online marketing through Google Adwords. When consumers click on ads displayed in search engine results, an online advertising payment is made. Each campaign can be carefully monitored to see which keywords or key phrases are working best for a company.

Social Media Services

Social media marketing has become very popular in recent years. Effective social media can increase a company’s relationship with their customers. At 8-Digital, we create social media marketing campaigns based on a company’s goals and overall mission statement, thereby creating a successful SEO strategy. Utilizing the targeted keywords from Google Adwords campaigns, social media sites can be linked to a company’s main website.

E-mail Management

8-Digital can create targeted emails for a company’s customers that will not clutter their inbox. If the average person receives 100 e-mails a day, important information can become cluttered or lost. By focusing emails on relevant information and delivering compelling content, customers get the information they need when they need it.

Web Design and Development

8-Digital offers functional web design that is easy to create, simple to use, and effective in SEO. The web pages they create vary, depending on the type of company and the strategies they wish to use. From social media to corporate blogs, 8-Digital create a website that is technologically sound and innovative. By studying a company’s competitors and their websites, 8-Digital can help a company create an effective web design that will guarantee them SEO.

Link Building and Blogger Outreach

Link building plays a huge role when it comes to SEO. By developing ethical links elsewhere, traffic is driven back to a company’s website. The more links that exist on the internet that point to a company’s page, the more chances of traffic being directed to a company. By connecting with various blogs and sharing posts, links, and specific Google Adwords, traffic is driven to a company’s site. 8-Digital also ensures that a company uses the right keywords and helps them develop organic growth.

Google Shopping

Google features a quick and easy method of shopping online by linking pages directly to sites where an item can be purchased. 8-Digital can help a company with SEO, and be number one in this type of shopping. Customers can compare prices on different web pages with the click of a button, and correlate that information all with one search. By ensuring the most up-to-date products are featured and using the right keywords to drive searches, 8-Digital can increase a company’s sales tremendously.

Digital Marketing Training

8-Digital also offers digital marketing training that is specifically tailored to a company’s needs and goals. They provide training on online marketing that will allow a company to develop, execute, and manage digital campaigns, gather and manage digital data, and also deal with gap analysis and define a company’s future strategies. They offer various courses for different levels of training, from basic online marketing to specifically tailored training.

8-Digital has a lot to offer customers seeking help with any kind of SEO. From Google Adwords to overall online marketing strategies, we can help.


“Nicola and her fantastic team at 8-Digital have been a real game changing addition to my Hydration Business and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

From turning thoughts and ideas into words and deeds in our fast growing digital world I am really impressed that the 8-Digital and WaterCoolersDirect teams will be longstanding partners for the future.

Any questions can be directed to me personally for clarification.

Fred Cairns Palmer, Founder and Owner

Water Coolers Direct – Gloucester Business Park